IMS2014 Declared a “No Tie Zone”!

tieless-tampaIMS2014 in Tampa was officially declared a “No Tie Zone” by General Chair Larry Dunleavy and Vice Chair Tom Weller. The executive committee of IMS2014 recognizes attendee's and presenter's needs for comfort. Since our Kickoff Celebration will be outdoors, we want to make sure everyone is “dressed for success” when it comes to the weather. Florida in June is usually sunny and pleasant, but some may find it overly warm and humid at times. We want everyone to fully enjoy themselves. You should be relaxed and comfortable as you move around Tampa. Therefore the Convention Center has been deemed a “no tie zone” and we want this “tie-less” motto to prevail throughout Microwave week!

Larry Dunleavy tweeted “As we all power the waves at IEEE IMS2014 in June, "no tie zones" will prevail throughout the show.”

Be sure to look out for the colorful “No Tie Zone” buoys at the Tampa Bay Convention Center. We encourage all attendees to show off their "tie-less" attire on the IMS Social Media Channels using the hashtag #tielessintampa!

See you soon in Tampa!