Common Causes Why Paint on Walls Peels

A peeling paint is basically the first thing a person will ever notice. As a matter of fact, it will make your bathroom very unattractive to use; it can turn away a potential home into an unappealing mess and living rooms feel dated and old. 

Health Risks 

Peeling paint is not only an eyesore, it comes with a huge health risk as well concerning lead exposure. Removal of lead-based paint requires to follow all the needed safety precautions and must only be done by professional and experienced lead-based paint removal service providers. 

The Common Culprits 

1. Humidity 

When there is moisture on the surfaces, there is often a poor ventilation that comes with it. With that being said, high humidity will disrupt the integrity of your paint because not only will it make the paint separate, but also, is responsible to mildew and mold which you cannot paint over. 

2. Water 

Moisture is the most common suspect when talking about flaking or peeling paint. In addition to that, when the water finds its way to the wood, it actually causes the paint to peel or separate from the wood surfaces, leading into bubbling and cracking you may notice in bathrooms every now and then. Aside from that, peeling paint can also be helpful to indicate if your guttering system needs a clean out. If your doors or windows are allowing water to enter or if there are leaky in your household. 

3. Poorly Prepared or Dirty Surfaces 

Speaking of mildew and mold formation, if there is any dirt or some other forms of foreign materials on the paint surface isn’t going to adhere. Factors such as mold and mildew will continue to grow causing it to fall and breaking through it. This is very dangerous since the lead paint removal puts you as well as your family members at high risk. That is the reason why it is very important to make sure that there is no water damage appeared to the surfaces and which your space has very good ventilation, hence, reducing the risk of mold and mildew destroying your paint. If you are applying a new layer on your surface, you should always ensure to wipe the surface down and prime prior to keeping your paint look fresh and new. 

4. Not Painted Properly 

The simple easy act of applying too few or too many layers of paint can make the coatings of your paint to look less than amazing. Furthermore, when it comes to using heavy coats of paint to your ceiling will only cause the layer of paint to fall and crack leading in what might be an unappealing surprise on your flooring. Even the brush can actually be a big factor since not putting an even layering of paint will only lead to weak bonds to your surface. 

5. Weather 

While we cannot control the weather condition, it is really best to know how various conditions and temperatures affect your paint. You can be able to know this with the help of professional house painters New Orleans.