Mastering the navigation is also important instead of playing without knowing zero when you join M88 because the features can help you.

M88 Navigation is Important

Many people just register faster because they want to play it directly to get their victory. However, you know nothing about menu or feature inside that. If you want to succeed in playing games on M88, it is better for you to learn more about navigation before starting your betting activities.

Mastering and understanding the menu through navigation is not a big deal since you need short time and after that, you can use your knowledge right to the game. You know what to do and you know where to click if you need something without asking the CS only to know your next activities.

Never Skip M88 Navigation

On M88, it is not difficult at all to know the terms of every feature there and you can apply it on your game. Statement is menu to show all your results whether you win or lose. All your histories about bets will be displayed and as the member, you can adjust it based on the date to make it easier.

You will also see Balance term which is similar with credit but in Balance, the information related to your credit will be given more detail because you can see the total bets you won and the total bets you lost at the sportsbook game. Meanwhile, credit is just showing you about the nominal you have.

After that, you can see Account menu which is detail of your account on M88 Link Indonesia . In this menu, you may check your account and profile whether you are registered with your name or not. You may check whether there is mistake or not.